Sunday, November 27, 2016

Saving the earth: Is anyone talking about safety issues?

Sure, we have to stop using fossil and nuclear fuels if we want to limit climate change and save the planet.

But the large dams often built to produce water power can fail, creating catastrophic floods.

Wind turbines, I've read, create such strong sound and/or vibrations that they can make humans ill, and presumably, cause animals to flee the area.

Solar farms concentrate the sun's heat so well that they can kill birds flying overhead.

As for nuclear power, we've been looking for a safe way to dispose of the spent fuel, which remains poisonous practically forever, for over half a century, and have yet to find one.

If there's a way for us humans to maintain a hi-tech economy and lifestyle without doing any harm to the environment and/or human health, I don't think we've found it yet, if it even exists.

Is anyone talking about that?


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